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The next defining moment in the move to electrification is here with the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro. A truck designed specifically to offer what you need for commercial use. It’s the same powerful, tough and smart F-150 you’ve always relied on. But now, it offers a range of incredibly smart solutions to make the job easier. Including the largest, most accessible front trunk of any electric pickup, overnight charging solutions that allow you to start the day at a full charge and Pro Power Onboard which turns your truck into a fully-functioning generator. All in addition to a powertrain that lets you work in places you couldn’t before and requires less scheduled maintenance.

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2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro | South Bay Ford Commercial


F-150 Lightning Pro is a powerful tool for your business. It offers an innovative solution to powering tools, charging your laptop and more. It’s called Pro Power Onboard and it comes standard. What’s more, Power Reserve allows you to set a minimum vehicle battery level threshold. When that limit is met, your vehicle stops sending out power to any plugged-in equipment so you can use your tools worry-free. And with zero emissions it will let you work in more places.


At the end of the day, you’ve got a job to do. And the F-150 Lightning Pro is designed to help you do it better. With an array of innovative features that help you get work done more
efficiently, it’s bound to be a valuable tool for your business inside and outside the vehicle.
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro | South Bay Ford Commercial


We didn’t just go electric. We created a true, purpose-built work truck designed to get the job done, including the same intense torture-testing every F-150 goes through. We equipped it with inboard motors for enhanced durability and better protection from the elements and tough terrain, as well as a full-size spare tire. We also made sure it won’t quit on you by giving it a targeted EPA-estimated range above and beyond what you need in a typical workday. And we made sure that it had the towing and payload capacity that’s fit for the F-150 name.


Power My Trip with advanced range estimates calculates routes based on user preferences, payload and towing weights, weather, grades and traffic. It displays an overview with charger locations required to reach the destination or waypoint. For each charge location, Power My Trip shows charging time required to reach the next charge point, ETA and real-time charging status and optimized guidance.


Driver-assist features can help your drivers navigate increasingly distracting and crowded roads with added confidence.

Standard Ford Co-Pilot360TM 2.0 technologies include:

  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking
  • BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Lane Keeping System
  • Reverse Brake Assist
  • Post-Collision Braking


Intelligent Range takes into account vehicle and environmental conditions such as road conditions, past driver behavior and crowdsourced data from other Ford electric vehicles as well as info like payload, towing and weather to give you a more accurate range estimate.


Receive 3 years of complimentary access to Ford E-Telematics designed specifically to help you manage your electric vehicle fleet and minimize energy use costs:

  • Monitor battery range, state of charge, and energy consumption
  • Maximize run time, with scheduled vehicle preconditioning while connected to the grid, saving your battery for the road to get the job done
  • Fleet Manager notifications and alerts ensure vehicle is charged and ready to go
  • Pay for public charging events centrally and reimburse employees for home charging
  • Access Vehicle Health data including odometer reading, malfunction and warning lights related to diagnostic trouble codes, and recalls.
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro | South Bay Ford Commercial


Whether your fleet of vehicles is at the depot, on the road or at home, we can help. With the largest public charging network in North America,* we’re offering an ecosystem of charging solutions to meet all your charging needs.

*Based on original equipment manufacturers (OEM)/automotive manufacturers that sell all electric vehicles and have publicly announced charging networks. Department of Energy data used. FordPass™, compatible with select smartphone platforms, is available via a download. Message and data rates may apply.


Upgrade to our flagship product to get even more productivity and uptime insights with Ford Telematics, that includes additional benefits such as:

  • Improving asset utilization through GPS tracking with live maps and geofencing capabilities
  • Maximizing vehicle uptime with maintenance alerts and service reminders
  • Viewing driver activity with the Driver Behavior Dashboard
  • Having drivers use the mobile app to associate with a vehicle, report issues, and complete paper-free checklists
  • The ability to remotely configure, manage and monitor vehicle state for unauthorized operation, potential threats and unreported damage during vehicle off-hours


Ford Data Services API offers a manufacturer-grade vehicle data feed that can be received by your business system or an authorized Telematics service provider.

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