Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a clean-air substitute for gasoline or diesel. As a natural gas, CNG is domestically sourced, further reducing our dependence on imported oil. Landfills and biologic waste also supply CNG through digesters and emission recapture, turning waste into fuel. CNG is typically stored and distributed in hard, sphere or cylindrical vessels at a pressure of 2,900 – 3,600 psi for optimal dispensing. This alt fuel is safer than other sources in the event of a spill as natural gas is lighter than air, and disperses quickly when released.

Currently, the United States has over 1,100 operational CNG service stations and hundreds more are planned for the near future. CNG stations can be found in almost every state with high population densities in addition to states having high levels of energy production. The alternative fuel industry forecasts an emergence of several major CNG transportation corridors across the nation. For more readily available fueling, there are 57 million homes heated by natural gas–a potential CNG filling point with the installation of a compressor.


CNG costs up to $2.00 less per gallon than gasoline or diesel, depending on local markets. CNG is an extremely clean burning fuel and significantly reduces carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide compared to its gasoline counterpart. Compressed natural gas is typically less expensive than gasoline and the fuel price is also less volatile. With an octane rating of 130, CNG has the potential to optimize your engine’s thermodynamic efficiency by utilizing a higher compression ratio.


CNG has slightly less energy than gasoline per unit volume. At 3,600 PSI, CNG occupies about 3.5 times the volume as gasoline does for the equivalent amount of energy; therefore a larger fuel tank is required to maintain the same range. Refueling time and ubiquity of station infrastructure are also factors to consider when converting to compressed natural gas.

Landi Renzo

Landi Renzo has been entrenched as mainstays in the alternative fuel sphere by engineering some of the finest CARB and EPA certified products in the industry. For 60 years and running, Landi Renzo has been perfecting the components that transform clean, compressed natural gas (CNG) into an alternative transportation fuel. This includes several iterations of specifically designed fuel delivery and storage systems to achieve the best possible result without sacrificing quality. South Bay Ford has recognized Landi Renzo's philosophy as a reflection of their own: Innovation-leading support of domestic energy dependence for a cleaner environment. Together with GAS and South Bay Ford, Landi Renzo continues to increase social consciousness of eco-friendly, sustainable transportation.

Some of the main components manufactured by Landi Renzo include a CNG pressure regulator that effectively reduces fuel pressure down to a range of 50-150 psi. They have also devised an internal regulator jacket—through which engine coolant flows—to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations and prevent CNG from freezing upon expansion. Fuel rails and injectors, too, are crucial components in the performance of these systems and Landi Renzo emphasizes the use of sensors to monitor structural efficiency. When it comes to storage, only the highest levels of safety and reliability set forth by industry protocols are accepted by Landi Renzo and South Bay Ford. As a result, your commercial fleet remains a stalwart of dependability for years to come.

Contact us now to find out more about how CNG can benefit your business, from environmental impact to economic return.


South Bay Ford has a positive working relationship with Westport, the biggest market presence in the North American light duty natural gas vehicle segment. Once BAF Technologies, Westport is now Ford’s largest partner under their QVM program, with over ten natural gas products and counting. In conjunction with Ford, Westport provides OEM quality and QVM products, such as their CNG fueling system–a fully integrated technology that begins with testing and manufacturing and extends to delivery and service. Furthermore, all Westport products are both EPA and CARB certified so you know your carbon footprint will be minimized when you switch to CNG.

In addition to being CARB and EPA compliant, natural gas is the cleanest of all the fossil fuels because it consists primarily of methane, a non-toxic and non-corrosive gas that diffuses a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor. For added assurance, CNG compressors have been designed and rigorously tested for stability, providing high-pressure natural gas right at the fuel injectors. As a result, this compressor technology is adaptable to varying flow rates, gas pressure, and packing specifications—all of which can hinder traditional fueling schematics. Luckily, Westport recognized this need for pliability by engineering a storage tank system that can be drawn down to a low pressure while maintaining high injection pressure, allowing for greater flexibility and fuel economy. Please contact us for more information today.

Green Alternative Systems
Together, Green Alternative Systems (GAS) and South Bay Ford continue to raise the bar when it comes to compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel conversion systems. Since 2006, GAS has been one of the biggest market presences in the North American alternative fuel vehicle space. Shifting from a primary focus on CNG fuel system conversions, the company is now operating a handful of cutting-edge facilities in multiple locations with thousands of successful system installations under their belt. Today, South Bay Ford is pleased to work alongside Green Alternative Systems to provide our commercial fleet customers with a high quality alternative fuel solution.

Along with the reassurance of safety and durability that GAS's extensive warranty options deliver, their Ford Recognized Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) certification underscores a commitment to customer service that South Bay Ford wholeheartedly supports. What's more, GAS's CNG conversions meet strict FMVSS, EPA, and CARB compliance standards. As a result, your original Ford warranty stays intact after the conversion process is complete. Additionally, South Bay Ford and GAS have enlisted QVM Alternative Fuel Developer/Installer Landi Renzo to carefully manufacture each compressed natural gas system we use.

If your fleet is ready to make the switch to CNG, simply contact one of our Commercial Experts today and they will be happy to help.

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