Ford Transit Passenger Wagon: Types of Businesses That Need One

Ford Transit Wagon for Business
Ford Transit Wagon for Business

What types of businesses need a Ford Transit Passenger Wagon?

Contrary to what you might think, high-occupancy vans aren’t just for church choirs and soccer teams. Plenty of businesses depend on multi-passenger vehicles like the 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. With room for up to 15 passengers, it offers a new level of versatility.

Introducing the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

The 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is the ultimate people mover. It comes in three different body lengths: Regular, Long and Long Extended. Respectively, these configurations can hold 8, 15 or 18 passengers. There’s also the option of three roof heights and two wheelbases.

There’s an array of engine options as well. The base engine is a 3.7L V6 that’s flex-fuel capable and can be retrofitted to run off compressed natural gas. Additional options include a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 and a 3.2L five-cylinder Power Stroke diesel.

For a smooth ride, the 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon comes equipped with rack and pinion steering and a MacPherson strut front suspension. Creature comforts include air conditioning, power accessories, and a stereo system. Additional available options include cruise control, a rear view camera, and the SYNC infotainment system.

Businesses that require the versatility of the Ford Wagon

Many companies are using – or should be using – the functional 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. It’s the most comfortable and capable van in its class. These are just a few ways the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon can be put to work:

Non-emergency medical transportation
There are plenty of senior citizens and disabled persons who cannot drive themselves. The Ford Transit is a perfect way to transport such individuals to non-emergency medical appointments. The van is easy to access and offers comfortable seating for 8, 15 or 18 passengers, depending on the layout.

Shuttle Services
Last time you visited the airport, you were probably transported in an uncomfortable, rundown shuttle. Had you ridden in the comfortable 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon, things would have been different. The Ford Wagon is the ideal vehicle for a short-distance or long-distance shuttle service.

Rideshare and taxi
Some ride sharing companies offer multi-passenger ride services. For example, Lyft Plus provides room for more than 5 passengers. Certain taxi cabs also provide additional passenger space as well. These services would benefit from the abundant seating offered by the 2018 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon.

It helps to have a full-size van when you’re transporting crew to and from the job site. Especially if it’s the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon with its available 15 passenger seating capacity and long list of creature comforts.

Child care services
Need to transport a drove of children? The Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon has you covered with its immense seating capacity and easy to clean interior. It’s the ideal van for child care services.

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