Landi Renzo has been entrenched as mainstays in the alternative fuel sphere by engineering some of the finest CARB and EPA certified products in the industry. For 60 years and running, Landi Renzo has been perfecting the components that transform clean, compressed natural gas (CNG) into an alternative transportation fuel. This includes several iterations of specifically designed fuel delivery and storage systems to achieve the best possible result without sacrificing quality. South Bay Ford has recognized Landi Renzo's philosophy as a reflection of their own: Innovation-leading support of domestic energy dependence for a cleaner environment. Together with GAS and South Bay Ford, Landi Renzo continues to increase social consciousness of eco-friendly, sustainable transportation.

Some of the main components manufactured by Landi Renzo include a CNG pressure regulator that effectively reduces fuel pressure down to a range of 50-150 psi. They have also devised an internal regulator jacket—through which engine coolant flows—to prevent extreme temperature fluctuations and prevent CNG from freezing upon expansion. Fuel rails and injectors, too, are crucial components in the performance of these systems and Landi Renzo emphasizes the use of sensors to monitor structural efficiency. When it comes to storage, only the highest levels of safety and reliability set forth by industry protocols are accepted by Landi Renzo and South Bay Ford. As a result, your commercial fleet remains a stalwart of dependability for years to come.

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