South Bay Food Trucks

As your premier source for South Bay Food Trucks, we here at South Bay Ford Commercial have worked hard to earn the top spot. Our dedication to customer service extends far beyond the vehicle purchase process, because we know you need support for the entire life of your food truck. In fact, our top goal is to cultivate lasting relationships, so your business and our dealership both thrive together.

We have commercial vehicles that extend beyond just food trucks, helping your organization to achieve a variety of goals. As an experienced and high-volume Ford commercial vehicle dealer, we understand the subtle nuances of the industry, including the requirements of fleet managers and other key decision makers. Our sales staff can navigate those situations with ease, making the entire purchase process easier and hassle-free.

To give you more choices and to meet your environmental goals, we offer green fuel alternatives for your food truck. This includes equipping the vehicle to run on compresses natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Using these fuels puts off fewer pollutants into the air, plus cost less to operate than comparable gasoline or diesel engines.

One of the many items we understand thoroughly, thanks to years of extensive experience, is the need for customized vehicle setups. To meet your exacting standards, we only use the most respected and proven resources in the industry. As a result, all upfits and customizations match the level of quality you expect from a Ford. Upon completion of your vehicle, we can ship it anywhere in the United States, so simplifying the deployment process.

Since financing a commercial vehicle such as a food truck can be a different process when compared to buying a car for private use, we're here to help. We offer quality options for leases and loans, with different payment methods, even if your credit isn't the best.

In addition, we understand the time your food truck is in the shop for repairs is lost revenue. That's why we have a team of technicians who exclusively work on commercial vehicles, plus plenty of bays to get trucks in and out quickly.

Let us earn your business. Contact us to make an appointment.