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When you're in need of a Los Angeles delivery van, know that Ford has two great options. The Transit is the bigger of the two, enabling you to carry plenty of cargo, especially really heavy items. As for the Transit Connect, it's smaller and can fit in tighter spots. Both can be customized in a dizzying number of ways, creating just the right solution for your business needs.


With the 2017 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van, you get some functional features right out of the box. Side and rear doors are standard, so getting into the back is easy. You get to choose between a rear liftgate or 50/50 swing-out doors. The load floor is completely flat and 87.3 inches long, if you select the long wheelbase. The floor is under 2 feet off the ground, which is ideal for loading heavy items. If necessary, drivers can fold down the front passenger seat and use the flat back as a mobile desk.

The 2017 Ford Transit Van is offered with a 130-inch wheelbase and 126-inch load floor, a 148-inch wheelbase with a 143.7-inch load floor and a 148-inch wheelbase with an extended body for a 172.2-inch load floor. Three roof heights are also available: 83 inches, 100 inches and 109 inches.

All Transit Vans with the regular wheelbase feature 50/50 swing-out rear doors that open 180 degrees. On the extended body, the doors open 237 degrees. Swing-out 60/40 hinged doors on the passenger side of the van are also included standard. You can upgrade to sliding doors for the passenger side only, or for both the passenger and driver's side.


Both the Transit and Transit Connect have been created to accept a huge array of upfits. Ford offers a huge variety of options, from double floors to cargo management systems, ladder racks for the roof, and so much more.

No matter what options you pick for upfitting, delivery is fast. Ford works with upfitters close to the factory, speeding up the process. This lets you get your delivery van on the roads of LA sooner, maximizing profits.


You get a single engine option for the 2017 Ford Transit Connect, a 2.5-liter inline 4-cylinder. Despite being small, it puts out 169 horsepower and 171 lb.-ft. of torque. Electronic intake variable cam timing adjusts according to conditions, providing a mixture of fuel economy and performance.

A CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package is available for this engine. Instead of using gasoline, the delivery van would run on propane autogas or compressed natural gas (CNG). A 6-speed automatic transmission is standard. The wide-ratio gearing provides great get-up-and-go from a standstill, while boosting efficiency when cruising. With the included two/haul mode, gear hunting is minimized.

With the 2017 Ford Transit, there are three engine choices. The standard 3.7-liter V-6 puts out 275 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. Variable cam timing is standard, while a CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package is an option.

If you're in need of greater performance, a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 is also available. It's rated at a stout 310 horsepower and 400 lb.-ft. of torque, made possible by combining direct injection with turbocharging. Because the setup involves two smaller turbos, lag is minimal.

The third option is a 3.2-liter inline 5-cylinder Power Stroke turbo diesel engine. It can endure running for hours each day, in stop-and-go conditions, making this a highly durable option. Ford designed this engine to run on B20 biodiesel.

All three Transit engines work with a 6-speed automatic transmission. It features overdrive, plus a SelectShift mode for limiting the range of gears while using Drive.

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*All vehicle mileage based on 2017 EPA mileage estimates. Use for comparison purposes only. Do not compare to models before 2008. Your actual mileage will vary, depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.