Ford Food Trucks For Sale In Hawthorne

Pickup trucks used to be almost exclusively commercial vehicles when they were first introduced to the market, but retail buyers have driven demand for more comforts, modern styling and driving characteristics that make them a lot like today's cars, crossovers and SUVs. There are still plenty of commercial applications where utility is king though, and that means creature comforts take a back seat to make sure the vehicle's money making abilities are maximized. Carrying products from one location to another is one thing, but also being the platform for selling directly to the buyer means something entirely more specialized. So, if you want a truck that's more than just a means of transportation for your products and one that can make you real money, Ford Food Trucks are going to take some beating.

What are Ford Food Trucks?

The Ford Food Trucks we supply here at South Bay Ford Commercial are professionally upfitted Ford step vans designed to haul and preserve your retail food products that also serve as a mobile shop to sell them from. To say they come in a range of different sizes and configurations would be the understatement of this or any other year, so no matter where you want to sell, what you want to sell or who you intend to sell your food to, we can supply the van that's perfect for the application.

The Range

Our Ford Food Trucks come in a wide range of sizes to suit all types and sizes of food businesses. The range we offer begins with the E-350 10-14 ft., and from there the range goes to the E-450 16-18 ft., and the F59 16 ft., 18 ft., 20 ft. and 22 ft. variants. Once you've selected the one that suits your needs best, it's then time to choose from a huge range of fixtures and fittings to kit the truck out just the way you want it.

As well as a large selection of different refrigeration solutions to keep things fresh, we also supply and install many types and sizes of griddles, boilers, burners, deep-fryers, and hot holding systems. As well as looking after the food we also look after the driver and passengers with air conditioning, heating, interior and exterior speakers, a 17-inch LCD, 42 to 52-inch weatherproof LCDs, back up cameras, satellite antennas, cold weather packages and plenty more besides.

Truck Specifications

The entry level E-350 comes in 138, 158 and 176-inch wheelbases, and features a Triton 5.4-liter V-8 gas engine that's also available with or without a gaseous prep package and develops 255 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. The transmission is a five-speed automatic with overdrive.

Next up is the E-450, which this time offers either a 158-inch or a 176-inch wheelbase and boasts a GVWR of 14,500 pounds. The engine in the E-450 is still a 6.8-liter Triton V-10, and in this application it produces 362 horsepower and 457 lb.-ft. of torque.

The F59s offer even greater capability with wheelbases ranging between 178 and 208-inches, although they all still feature the same V-10 powerplant as the E-450.

Fuel Efficiency

Every cent spent on fuel comes off the bottom line, so if you haven't considered a gaseous prep package it really is worth taking Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) fueling systems very seriously. Businesses utilizing these alternative fuels produce fewer pollutants and see their greenhouse emissions reduced into the bargain. Using CNG can mean a $2.00 per gallon price reduction over traditional fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel, and those using LPG can benefit from similar cost savings without having to worry about any potential downturn in performance of the vehicle components thanks to minimal amounts of combustion and sulfur emanation. Using these alternative fuels means you'll also be proudly supporting what's an entirely domestic product, and perhaps even more importantly, intervals between services are also extended so more time is spent on the road and onsite and less time and money is spent in the shop.